Random LA pictures.

I love taking pictures everywhere I go, I used either my cell phone or camera to take pictures. Of course the digital camera has better quality than the cell phone pictures. but sometimes when you're in the mall or in the restaurant, you don't really want to take out the big camera so a cell phone is a better choice. here's some random pictures that I took around LA. can you guess where it is?

LA is a place full of culture, we have all different kinds of people from different country comes here. that results so many different style of food and restaurants and shops. you don't have to leave LA to buy stuff from across the ocean or across the land. it's fun just to go out explore different areas. I have live here most of my life and I havn't gone to every single area in LA.

some pictures looks blurry cuz I was walking while taking pictures, but it does add a little cool effect. so for people out there wants to criticize my blurry non professional picture, I just want to tell you, I take pictures for myself not for professional photography contest. it is just fun, it is just for me. And I love my pictures.

taking picture is really fun, it is like a diary without words only picutres. as years past by, you can go back and look at all the old pictures you take. it is a real life documentary and it is real, it is the truth. I organize my pictures by folders and years. this way, anytime I want to look at a certain time period or place, I can just look it up. you're never going to have the old times back, we all grow up and grow old so why not take lots of pictures for memory.


Just some fun pictures of food.

I love eating, who doesn't? food is important and either if you cook at home or you dine out at the restaurant. it is fun, it is exciting, you can eat different kinds of food and dessert and snack. you can drink from wine to ice tea to sodas. I love taking pictures and here's some fun pictures of food that I want to share with you.



I just love taking pictures, of course it is taking a lot of time. when you sit down at a restaurant and you see the food coming, you want to clean your hands and start eating. but since I have to just take pictures of the food almost everywhere I go, I have to stop everybody from digging in and wait for me to take pictures. I like to take it from different angles, I love taking weird and fun pictures not just ordinary pictures that you can see everywhere.


Landry's Select club dining

I'm a member of the Landry's select club, their website is www.landrysinc.com

here's the benefit after you pay a one-time $25 enrollment fee.

  • $25 Welcome Reward (you get your $25 enrollment fee back right back, but you can't use it on the first time)
  • $25 Birthday Reward (you can use it any day in your birth month, so you just made $25 extra)
  • Priority Seating (some restaurant are busy and this can save you some time)
  • $25 Reward for Every $250 You Spend (so you better start eating)
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Retail Benefits (some restaurant have retail store and it offers 10% off)

the reason why I join is 3 of the restaurant I visited in LA is on there: Claim Jumper, Rainforest Cafe, and Bubba Gump. and just be sure to remember the date you purchase and spend at least over $250 per year. and everytime you dine any of the restaurants remember to give them the card so they can input the dollar amount you spend as points.

Rainforest Cafe(www.rainforestcafe.com) is a theme restaurant and it's not only for kids, it's for everybody, it's fun, it's loud, and it's exciting. be sure when you go to the restaurant to look around, there's surprise in every corner, there's a electronic animal live show once every 15 or 30 minutes, there's a bar for adults if you don't want to sit with kids. there's a retail store that you can shop while you wait for your food. so the theme is obviously rainforest, it will makes you feel that you are Indiana Jones dining in an adventure world.  

Bubba Gump(www.bubbagump.com) is a seafood them restaurant, well, not as fancy as Rainforest Cafe but pretty cool too. you sit at the wood bench table and the bucket they give you has Bubba Gump logo, in case you're wondering, yes this is from the movie "Forest Gump". they have different types of seafood and different ways to cook shrimp, there's a retail store too (remember you can get 10%), I just love going to theme restaurants, they're so much more fun.

Claim Jumper(www.claimjumper.com) is a chain restaurant that has a mining theme. Everywhere you look in the restaurant you can feel the mining decor. it is really cool. But I just love the baby back ribs, almost everytime I go there, I order the ribs.  

this is the Widow Maker Burger, the name is weird but it's delicious. I rarely eat anything else besides this and entree salad and baby back ribs, so I can't really tell you how the other dishes taste like. but you have to try this dessert, Mini Hot Fudge Sundae, it used to call the World's smallest Sundae then they change names. it is awesome, small but good because it's not too much, trust me, after you eat a big plate of salad and burger and ribs, you would want to have something just small. they have small size dessert like cupcake and cookie and declair, but you go with a big family or friends or company you can try their big giant size dessert. it might be the biggest cake you ever see, it is the Chocolate Motherlode Cake, 6 layers all chocolate. it is so good. one time I got it for free from their promotion and I ate some and take some home and we still enjoy it couple days after that.  


love going out to eat, it's fun it's exciting it's relaxing

I just love going out to eat, either it's sit down at the restaurant or drive thru, it's fun, it's exciting and it's relaxing

here's some of the reason and picture of the food I took, let's see if you can guess which LA restaurant this is.

1. you don't have to cook, someone will cook for you. how great is this? 

2. you don't have to plate your food, someone else will plate it for you and bring it to your table, well, unless it's buffet style 

3. you have so many selection to choose from, from appt to entree to drinks.

4. you have so many restaurant to choose from, LA has many style from Asian to American to fast food to seafood and to many more.

5. you have people serve you, doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, once you step into a restaurant, there will be someone to serve you.

6. if you're young, and you dine out with your family or older people, they will pay for you. if you're a girl, your boyfriend or husband will pay and you don't have to.

7. you don't have to wash dishes, that's the best thing about going out to eat, you can make a mess on the table or your plate, and you don't have to clean up, but don't forget to leave tips.

8. DESSERT !!! yeah, have some sweet after the meal, it's awesome ~~~

9. the restaurant decor is unlike your kitchen or living room or your car, it looks luxury, it looks fancy and some restaurant have themes and some just looks pretty. you feel so good sitting down at a place that you are eating wonderful food with your mouth and your eyes too. and you feel so relaxed.

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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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