hidden awesome Restaurant inside Disneyland Anaheim, CA, Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

one of the best restaurant in Disneyland, Anaheim CA might also be the best BBQ in LA. it is called BIG THUNDER RANCH BARBECUE

located at the end of Disneyland by Toontown and Frontierland. it is really far so if you're like me and my boyfriend just going to Disneyland to eat, you can take the Railroad by the front door when you get in. there's no stop by Frontierland so you either have to get off at the 1st stop - New Orleans Square and walk towards Frontierland or you can get off at 2nd stop - Toontown and walk back. it is a little further if you get off at the 1st stop but if you don't like a lot of noise that made by kids, don't get off at Toontown. this restaurant is actually marked "Don't miss" on the Disneyland map.


it's all you can eat style, now before you think the price is too expensive, think about most of the 1 entry in Disneyland everywhere else is around $10-12, so to pay about $15-$35.99 for all you can eat is great. $21.99 lunch and $2.99 for drinks and dinner is $24.99, so I think $15 is either for vegetairan or dessert. dessert menu is ranch hand sundaes and old fashioned ice cream floats, seasonal cobblers, fresh strawberry shortcake or a family-style cookie bake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge. dessert is charge extra and price varies. lunch is till 3:40pm and it is barbeque chicken and ribs, cole slaw, ranch beans and cornbread. dinner starts at 4pm and it is the same as lunch plus smoked sausages and corn wheels.


I think the chicken is more special than the ribs, but my boyfriend liked both. the corn bread comes with little butter and beans are great. the one I love the most has to be the chicken. it has a sweet taste which is rare. it is not buffet but all you can eat style. so if you need any more food, just ask the server. the server is dress up in Western cowboy cowgirl style. the food is a little slow I guess it takes a long time to cook so make sure you go there a little early. if you don't like loud noise, DO NOT SIT BY THE FRONT ROW. the first time we went there, we sat at the front row. it is so loud. and all the parents are mocking around our table to take pix of their kids on stage. they have performance, singing and music and it is fun. I also love the little glass they put drinks in. it just taste so awesome, I love half coke and half diet, but the server called it coke zero. it is so good, probably the greatest half coke half diet drink I ever had. for 2 ppl, everything is enough but the chicken, so just ate the chicken first and ask for more. it comes in a very cute bucket, everything is like Western style, and it is so cute and fun. first I don't like the loud noise and the long wait but after I taste the chicken and drink it is so awesome.


Vegetarians can also eat here, their menu is barbecue skewer with potatoes, squash, bell peppers, mushrooms and tofu. I don't know the price because I didn't know they offer this. you can also call ahead to make reservation at (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463. I just think it's so far and if you walked the whole day and have to go all the back at the end of Disneyland, it would not so tired. I really wish they offer to go box just for the meat. I really think Disneyland should offer a to go service by the front gate for all the famous dishes in the park.

Havn't tried the dessert yet but I will next time I go back, this is a DO NOT MISS spot not only in Disneyland but also in LA. great experience and fun and awesome great delicious food.


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