My Europe trip - France - Paris at night

Paris is awesome and beautiful in the morning but it's more beautiful at night. The light shines, people dances, even the sky looks like a master painting. I'm so happy that I got to see one of the most wonderful city in the world in the morning and at night too.

so so very very cold, see how much I had to covered myself up? if you're going, be sure to bring sweater, heavy jackets, scarfs, beanies and gloves.


My Europe trip - France - Paris in the morning

In 2006, I went on a trip to Europe, even though this is call At Los Angeles but I thought it would be fun to share these pix with you. Let's start off with one of the bright glamour city in the world - Paris.

I guess I don't have to tell you where I am, this is one of the famous spot in the world but did you know when it was first built, it was consider ugly because the material. Citizens in Paris hated it at first and think it's a bad design and is not fitted for the beautiful city Pairs. As time goes by, people started to accept it and begin to love it and now it becomes one of the most famous spot in the world. It's beautiful in the morning, you can view 360 degree city view, it's more beautiful at night, it shines like a big yellow diamond. What's not pretty about this place is it's hard to go up, you have to wait with lots of people to get on this small elevator or you can choose to climb up and down hundreds of stairs. Ouch! I did however has the "opportunity" to climb down the stairs, whoa, what a workout. 


Lots of palace and lots of museum, who can remember the name? Just enjoy the pix, lots of gold color in the palace to show how rich the Kings and Queens are. Huge self portraits of oil paintings again, to show how rich they are. A lot of museum too, Paris is not only the city of fashion but also the city of art. As an artist, it is awesome to visit such a city, I want to go back many many more times. 

I regret that I didn't eat more pastry, they're famous for their pastry, so how come they're not fat? this is not fair. they're so sweet and tasty and yummy and so pretty just like fashion and art. 

Doing a little promotion here, I'm wearing the company hat "FH0" www.FH0.com, and the black sweatshirt I'm wearing is for the music label "EBBoy" www.ebboy.com, that I made it myself using iron on machine.


Rainbows of Color ~~~~

I love different colors and I love the rainbow color. Colorful things just makes you want to be happy and smile.

Here's a collection of my rainbow color pictures. Hope it will bring a smile to your face.

Different color gives you different mood, bright color makes you alert, happy and shock, darker color makes you sad, calm and peaceful. What about rainbow colors, what kind of mood are you in when you see these colors all together?


Most of the place that can get away with lots of rainbow color is of course the mall, shops, restaurants; because they want to attract customers, but can you handle it if your house looks like this?

Do you feel dizzy yet? so many colors, so many selection of food. At the supermarket, they put all kinds of food on display and different products has different color and it makes a beautiful rainbow color picture.


the beautiful nights at the beautiful LA

LA is a beautiful city, so grab your cameras and start shooting pictures, now taking pix at night is tricky. Make sure you grab your best camera so it can capture the best picture. Try different angles when you take pix so you can capture different lighting. Some cameras is okay when taking pix on the move but some will turn out blurry. But sometimes blurry pix at night can turn into a beautiful pix. So the key is to take lots of pix so you can pick the one you like, and sometimes you might end up having some surprising good pix.

LA has beautiful weather, so when you take pix at night, the sky is clear most of the time. Try think outside the box when taking pix at night, take pix from below the night and see what happens.

Here's some of the night time pix I took of the beautiful LA downtown. 

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