my 2006 Europe trip-Germany

So many cities I visited in Europe, next city I want to show pictures of is Germany. It has a lot of big churches and awesome buildings.

look at the details, whoa, how do you build this? this is incredible, amazing, and if you're there in person, it's more whoa. it's very tall and you have to walk far away to take the whole picture. 

this is a town called Heiderberg in German, old buildings, old castles, just lots of history. 

in Germany, drink lots of beer and eat pig's feet. by the way, I made this Tshirt, WD - World Discs is one of my company. 

their famous clock that has birds come out and cute sounds, I didn't get one cuz I don't have room in my suitcase, I went to a small cafe at this town Lake Titisee and get a slice of black forest cafe, also another famous dish from Germany.

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