Dessert Paradise ~~~~~

Who doesn't love desserts? Actually, desserts are the best part of the meal, I can't wait till I finish my food so I can start on the dessert. Remember on my last post, I said that I got this heavy Nikon professional camera? It give an new meaning of taking pix of your food. check out the different lighting.

Did you see the different lighting? it's take at the same angle but with the option of new technology you can have different color on the image before you even use photoshop.


Here's an example of same lighting but different angle of this delicious strawberry cheesecake at Monterey Hills Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA. So awesomely yummy!!! You gotta try it.

Here's turtle sundae at Joe's Crab Shack, it's a seafood restaurant, and I got this free on my birthday. it's vanilla ice cream with brownies and caramel sauce on top and some walnuts.

Claim Jumper's famous mother load chocolate cake. you will need to share just one slice with others. you can not and will not finish one slice by yourself.

Here's more yummy pasty.

Had enough? Nob? here's more dessert and pastry.

Before on birthdays, people only buy cakes, now you can get cupcakes, it's like a mini cake, everyone gets a cupcake and you don't have to cut it, or you can have donuts or ice cream cakes, there's so much choices for birthday cakes. Here's more cupcakes.



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