just blue blue blue

Blue is a sad color but it's also an very beautiful color, the blue sky, the blue ocean, the blue birds, the blue fishes. There's different hues of color so there's gotta be like thousands and even more different blues. Here's some of my pictures that I think has a cool blue color. Enjoy, and stay out of depression.

Did you spot the different hues of blues? It is very peaceful when you look at the blue sky and blue oceans. It is very deep and it's kind of able to make your time frozen, it makes you calm down and be relax and think further in a zen way. 

Had enough blue yet? Doesn't it feel calm and peaceful and so relaxing? Next time you feel blue, look up at the beautiful sky to see what kind of blue color it is today. Or go to the beach and look at the ocean, see the waves and feel the breeze in the air. 

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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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