visit the new Disney California Adventure - Cars Land! part 2

here's more picture of Cars land, this is Part 2!


isn't this funny? the orange cones are bigger than the humans

so many things to buy, if you're there on the grand opening day, they have limited edition items which is going to go up in value in the future. I thought if I go in June, I can still get some, but I was wrong, I only get the post card, I read on LA times that there's this girl who spends over $1,000 and she said she brought everything that's related to Cars land and probably will spend about $5,000 that day.


can you see the mountain in the background, can you guess what shape it looks like? it's the back seat of the cadillac car.



this is one of the last limited edition item from the grandopening, it's a tshirt of the red car with the grand opening date and it's annual pass holder exclusive.


visit the new Disney California Adventure - Cars Land! part 1

As you know, I have the Disneyland annual pass and recently I just upgraded to premium annual pass, if you want to learn more visit my earlier blog about Disneyland. Now, I want to tell you the new Cars Land at California Adventure I just visited yesterday. I can't wait to share my pictures with you. It cost Disney 1.1 billion to built and it takes years and finally it's hear, you can read about it in last week's LA times. The new additions are Buena Vista Street and Cars land, most of the other parts in CA adventure are still the same. And today I want to talk about the new Cars Land. CA adventure is design to make you experience different parts of California in one place. It has route 66, which is the signature road acoss Ca, there's a lot of pretty scenery and classic restaurant along the way. Buena Vista St is design to look like the earlier years of California life style. and there's Hollywood Land which is one of the most important place you must visit when you're in LA, Hollywood, the land of movies and dreams. those are the 3 parts I visited yesterday, it's way too hot to walk to other parts and I'll talk about it later.


Cars land is design from the popular cartoon "Cars" and I even have the red car wallet. I thought it would be bigger but I guess in CA land is like gold, there's not too much land to build more stuff so they only have 3 rides and few restaurants. the stores are way too small and there's not enough trees. I don't know if they havn't got time to plant trees or they want people to feel the hot California sun. Afterall, that's what Ca famous for, it's the sun, the beach, the movie stars. Not enough shades outside the restaurant for customer to sit and it's not fun to walk under the sun. and I can't image those people waited in line under the sun to get on the ride for almost 1-2 hours. So I skip the ride yesterday and I'm gonna wait for cooler times and after school started to not have to wait in line too long.

The details are awesome and great, obviously, this has been put a lot of thought in it, and they must did a lot of research. Everywhere makes you feel like you're back in time and walk on route 66. The main attraction is the Radiator Springs Racers, it is one of the most important place in the cartoon "Cars" and here it's an awesome ride. I read on the LA times that every time you take this ride, it'll take you to different route and you will see different landscapes. Neat, isn't it? Maybe next time I'll get a fast pass to get on the ride faster. the fastpass area is next to It's tough to be a Bug.

so a few advice for Disneyland, please plant more trees or put more those giant umbrellas, people are getting too hot to stay in Ca adventure. maybe put some of those mist spraying thing like Universal Studio and shades for people that's waiting in line. one of the nice thing being a premium pass holder is that everything is either 15% on food(except some snack area) and 20% on merchandise. I saved about $20-25 just in one visit and I only stayed half day. and you get to go in to both parks 365 days and it included parking. it's a very big deal to have free parking because parking is expensive.


want to get some gift cards? the min. purchase on gift card is $5, I collect gift cards so I buy gift cards at different store.

it's really funny to look at these cones, the orange cones that we often saw on the road when the crew is working on the road. so they built large size of cones for snack and every single cones sells different snacks. so you have to run from this cone to the next cone to get what you want to eat.

I just happened to saw this guy parading down the street so I took my camera, "Snap, Snap".

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