buy giftcard at restaurant during holiday season & get extra !

I love buying giftcards at fast food and restaurants, here's why

1. usually they never expire and all you have to do is at least use it once a year to avoid $1 fee, so you can use it all year long or next year or next next year.

2. you get extra 15-20% more, for ex. buying $100 gift card gets you $120 in

total or buying $80 gift card gets you $100 total, that's not all, if you are enrolled in certain credit card cash bonus program, you get addition 5% cash back on your credit card. I used Discover card from Oct-Dec every year to purchase food gift card, fast food and coffee store counts as restaurant too. so here's the math, I spend $80 buying a $100 gift card and plus I get $5 extra on my credit card cash back. it's win win situation.

3. I collect gift cards, they usually come in holiday theme during the holiday season and every year there's different design, so if you like pretty cards or just want something different than looking at your credit card you can start getting gift cards for yourself.

4. if this gift card is a gift, the person that receive it won't know how much you really pay for it(you pay for it 15-20% cheaper than the actual value), so when they give you the same value gift back, you receive greater gift than the one you give.

5. sometimes if you buy more than $100 you'll ever get a surprise small gifts, one time, I got a glass mug full with candy from Claim Jumper. 

just remember to organize your gift card and group the same store together so you know how many you have and next year you can buy other store's gift card. and every year they might change the rules, so be sure to watch out for holiday promotion via email or in the store.

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