Disneyland at Christmas time

Disneyland is a place of entertainment, they change the decor on every season, if you go in the month of major holidays, you can see Disneyland in a different form. 

Did you find all the details that has mickey in it? And in the shops, you can find lots of Christmas Disney decoration to take home and have a fun Disney Christmas. 

Kindda expensive, there's a lot of things I want to buy and I got like 20% off from my premium pass, but sometimes it's still too expensive; so the next best thing is to take pix and take it out share with others. It's not only the decor and the shop that has the holiday vibe, the food has holiday theme too. of course the main color for mickey mouse is red so it's already fitting the holiday theme. If you want more details about where the to buy what and where to eat what according to season, you can sign up  http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/ 

or Disneyland twitter https://twitter.com/Disneyland 

or https://twitter.com/DisneylandToday this is everyday info from disneyland, which means, if you're inside Disneyland on a certain day, you can check out what's special that day. and for Disneyland California Adventure https://twitter.com/DCAToday

the characters are all dress up for Christmas too, yeah~~~~ and you can take one home too. I don't really like the wait line cuz you are standing next to screaming kids and tired parents and if you're an adult, you're not getting as much attention as the little cute kids. 

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