A new take on Disneyland picture~~ photoshop, change of colors~~

Here's a new take on my 2012 Disneyland picture, I used photoshop to change the color on different pictures. You might seem these picture already on older post, but you might find a completely different new ways to looking at it. As an artist, I love color and I love playing with color. Photoshop is a great tool to brighten up the picture, to change color and play with your senses.

These 3 pictures of me is example of monotone, it's just one color, either back/white or red/black. It's different than the regular multi color picture we used to seem.

This is an example of playing with wild colors, it's an unusual type of picture that normally people don't send to their friends. But I love it, look at the shadow and the contrast of different pink color. It's just cool and unique.



 Here are the cool awesome color example of food. We are attracted by food first by its looks, we want to buy some food to eat because we're hungry. But we look at the food first instead of smelling them. Look at these pictures, doesn't it just make you hungry?

Some pictures I used one function on photoshop, some pictures I used many function, I play around with the picture and go back to see which one I liked. Good thing with years of practice, I can change a picture on photoshop pretty quick. Let's enjoy these pictures! 


Here's an example of simple and extreme color change. 

Here are some classic Disneyland picture with a new twist of color.

Some I change the color on the whole picture, some I just change part of it, it really makes a big difference. I can't wait to change more pictures and show it to you guys in the future. 


Rainbows of Color ~~~~

I love different colors and I love the rainbow color. Colorful things just makes you want to be happy and smile.

Here's a collection of my rainbow color pictures. Hope it will bring a smile to your face.

Different color gives you different mood, bright color makes you alert, happy and shock, darker color makes you sad, calm and peaceful. What about rainbow colors, what kind of mood are you in when you see these colors all together?


Most of the place that can get away with lots of rainbow color is of course the mall, shops, restaurants; because they want to attract customers, but can you handle it if your house looks like this?

Do you feel dizzy yet? so many colors, so many selection of food. At the supermarket, they put all kinds of food on display and different products has different color and it makes a beautiful rainbow color picture.


just blue blue blue

Blue is a sad color but it's also an very beautiful color, the blue sky, the blue ocean, the blue birds, the blue fishes. There's different hues of color so there's gotta be like thousands and even more different blues. Here's some of my pictures that I think has a cool blue color. Enjoy, and stay out of depression.

Did you spot the different hues of blues? It is very peaceful when you look at the blue sky and blue oceans. It is very deep and it's kind of able to make your time frozen, it makes you calm down and be relax and think further in a zen way. 

Had enough blue yet? Doesn't it feel calm and peaceful and so relaxing? Next time you feel blue, look up at the beautiful sky to see what kind of blue color it is today. Or go to the beach and look at the ocean, see the waves and feel the breeze in the air. 


Just Red ~~~~

Christmas is over but Valentine is coming, the color red is used in these two holidays, I thought it would be cool to show you some pix that's red. 

Red is the color of passion, alert and full of life. Red is the color used in the holiday Christmas and Valentine. Red means love and passion, the color red stands out anywhere. 

love McDonalds, red and gold is their main color.

There're many different colors of red, there's the bright red, orange red, darker red and brown red. 

Angry birds- the main character is the red bird, and red also means anger. 

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