More cool awesome colorful Disneyland Picture plus my comments

Here's more colorful Disneyland picture that I changed to a new view from photoshop. And in today's blog I'm going to talk about things I like and dislike in Disneyland.

1. I love Disneyland, it's full of magic, it's a place that you can have fun, enjoy the rides, foods, Disney characters, buildings, merchandise and people from around the world. This is one of those rare place in the world that you can only find certain items and nowhere else. They always have new products depends on season and year; and every time you go, you're not going to bump into the same people that visit and work there. There's always new things to do, new food to eat, and new stuff to buy.

2. What I don't like is the price, you have to pay admission fee to go in; and when you're hungry you have to buy food. When just before you leave the park, you want to buy gifts for your family and friends. It all adds up and even if you have annual pass with a discount of 15%-20% off, it's still a lot. It might be okay for those who visit only once a year or once every couple years, but for people like me who goes there at least once a month, the price is not fun at all. I understand they have lots of bills to pay but it would be so much nicer if the price wouldn't increase too much. I remember just couple years ago, a key chain is only $5-7 now it's up to $7-9, very rarely you can find things under $5 anymore. 

3. I love the food at Disneyland, they taste unique, they look unique and you're not going to find it anywhere else. You can't get it to go and most restaurants you need to make reservation first. They have special Mickey shape waffle, pancakes, cookie and other snacks. And the snacks are the only few cheap things you can buy at the park anyways. So if you can't afford a toy or cloth get a cookie. There's different types of food around the park, so if you eat at one restaurant each time, it would take you many years to go through all the restaurants. The budget fits too, there's cheap snack from $5-10, fast food style food from $12-15 per person, and there expensive restaurant from $20-45 per person. So you can pick the food you like, the budget you like and the location you like when you dine at Disneyland; and if you're lucky, you can have character dine with you too. 

4. I love people watching at Disneyland, there are people around the world coming here all the time. You can hear them talking in different language, dress in different clothing and have different kinds of phone and cameras. You can not take any picture in the park without taking someone else's picture. It's just a fun collection to add to your Disney memories. Children are happy, adults are having fun too. But one of the bad thing about Disneyland is also the people that goes there, it's too many. The line at the popular rides is too long because too many people goes to Disneyland. Try to avoid weekend, monday and friday; one of the best day to go is tuesday and wednesday. Not only there's lines at the ride, there's also lines at the food stand, the shops, and the restrooms. Well, what can you do, it's a very popular and famous place. Disneyland not only represent Los Angeles, California, it also represent United States. Everybody in the world knows Disneyland and everybody wants to go. 

5. What I don't like about it is also the weather, well, this is sunny California so I'm not talking about rain. I'm talking about the sun. Disneyland is a big place, well, too big I think they didn't plant enough trees. The only place you can hide from the sun in the hot summer time is the store and resturant with air conditioner. Any place else like the ride, standing in the line waiting for the ride, fast food stand and in the middle of the street basically you're being cooked by the sun. What about the characters? How are they holding up? And how about the people that worked there has to wear costumes? Hot hot hot!!! The place is so big, by the time you really find a restaurant to go in, you probably walked about half a mile. If you think Disneyland is hot, wait till you go to California Adventure in the summer, they really don't have a lot of trees or shades. I try avoid going there in the day time in the summer. And going to the park at night is only an option for the annual pass holder, would you want to pay around $100 and only go to the park for couple hours at night? I really hope they plant more trees and add more shades. 

6. One of the best thing about going to Disneyland is that you can be a kid and you don't really have to be a kid. Sure, kids love Disneyland, the character, the magic feeling, the rides and meeting other kids; and the parents spoil them, letting them eat whatever they want, buy whatever they want. Because most people go there once a while not very often, they usually set some vacation money aside to enjoy those couple days they're in the park. What about the adults? It's heaven for adults too. Adults and feel like a kid and maybe act like a kid again. It's perfect for both adults and kids, no wonder it's called the happiest place on earth. I feel really happy when I go there, I love sitting at the restaurant enjoying my Disney cuisine and people watching. I love taking pictures and every time I go there I get to take different pictures. I love going into the shop and look at the new merchandise, taking pictures and see what other people are buying. I love just sit at a corner listen to the music or just the sound of being in Disneyland. It's a wonderful feeling and everytime I go to Disneyland I feel like a kid.  

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