Valentine @ San Pedro w/ lots of seafood

Valentine is Tuesday but we spend it on Monday, it's raining, hmmm. how romantic is that? we decided to skip romantic indoor restaurant and get the most of our money. if you like seafood in LA, try San Pedro. they get fish righ at the spot, they're next to the ocean so you dont have to pay the extra money you often spend at restaurnats. we always go to Crusty Crab, 1146 Nagoya way, berth 79, San Pedro, CA 90731, 310-519-9058. they open pretty early, try go there in the weekday and sit outdoors(you can skip tips). when you sit outdoors, you're next to the ocean, the ship, seagulls and sometimes a sea lion might surprise you.  

we always order calamari(it's fried, it's chewy it's yummy) everywhere we go, and since it's Valentine, my sweetie said I can go ahead order king crab legs(bigger than snow crab leg), we had lobster last time so we want to try something new. salmon plate and steamed clams. holy moly, they are so salty, my boyfriend said it's becaues they used salt water to clean the cook seafood. but I just think it's so super salty so I have to keep chewing on french fries. you can choose either soup or salad. outdoor has two section, one under the roof and one under the sun, so depending on your mood you can choose where you want to sit. the section outside Crusty Crab is usually with less people cuz most people go next door with lunch special. we figure since we drove about 20-30 mins to there to eat seafood, we should go all the way out. in the weekend they have alcohol/smoothie station open but it's more crowded. if you need to use the restroom you can go inside the restaurant or they have public ones.

after a wonderful raining lunch(feels like we're in Maine eating fresh seafood), we always get pistachio ice cream, it's vanilla ice cream with different flavor syrup, pistachio is awesome, you gotta try it! after a wonderful seafood meal, you can walk along the ocean, enjoy shops and old England style buildings. there're also chain restaurant at the end. there's so much food to choose from, it's not too cold or too hot, it's fresh seafood, parking is free. you can drink alcohol or smoothie or soft drinks and after meal you can enjoy some ice cream for dessert. you can take a short or long walk, you can go the museum next door. if you want bring some seafood home with you, we recommend you to buy a plate of shrimp, it's a lot of shrimp with flavors and big garlic bread. when you left San Pedro, don't forget to go over the Vicent Thomas Bridge, it's the green color bridge and it makes you feel like you're crossing Brooklyn to New York.


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