depression can be really bad for your health

depression Frown - everybody has it, i'ts just the matter that your level can be small or large, many words for depression: sad, unhappy; signs of depression: want to be alone, crying, lost interesting of everything, eat too much or too little, sleep all day, self hate, and many more. it's something we can't avoid and something that we can't shake it off. but depression is really bad for your health, it makes you fat, it makes you sad, it damages your brain, your thinking, it makes your regular life style change, you either sleep too much or too little or you either eat too much or too little. too much and too little of everything is not healthy.

if you have long term depression, it might even damage your health, from making your immune system weak to destroying your cells. it could lead to skin disease, head ache, body ache or even cancer. even if it's really hard to get rid of depression, but you gotta remember that you're not doing this for anyone else but yourself. if someone did you wrong, you get depress, then you get sick, is that someone going to share your pain? NO! they are living healthy and happy and doesn't even know that you're sick because of them. so why torture yourself and being so sick and destroying your own life? it's not worth it, yes, you might say, "well it's just not fair". well a completely 100% fair world does not and will not exist in this world.

if you lost money you can always make more money, if you lost your marriage, you can always find someone else, if you lost your youth, treasure the present before it gets too late, if you lost your friend, you can always find some new friends, if you lost your health, you might never get it back.

Depression is really bad for your health, yes, life treats you unfair, do you want to add more pain to your body physically and mentally?


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