My own collection of Snacks at home

Here's some collection of my own snacks and food at home. I like to get snacks from different markets like American, Asian and other market and also I dine out a lot so I have a lot of left over food from restaurants and fast food. When I go home, instead of putting it away or in the fridge, I take picture first. It's my collection of the precious things that I have, after I ate the food, the food's gone but not the pictures, I can always look back at the pictures or this blog to remember the yumminess of my snacks.


mango birthday cake

Japanese snack from Mitsuwa market, quite expensive but very good, but their expiration date come very soon, so remember to eat the snack ASAP.

a row of chocolate bars, did you know that dark chocolate is very good for your heart? but it's bitter, the most I can take is 70% dark.

Chinese milk hard candy, these are hard chewy candy made of real milk, there's milk, chocolate and green tea flavor.

one of my favorite food, Chinese sausage, you eat it with slices of raw garlic.

can you tell what it is? it's Godiva chocolate inside the Godiva bag, I love white chcoloate, so this is white chocolate stars and clusters with nuts.

I actually made these candies myself, I melt the candies and put nuts in it and put it on a stick, I think there should be more food and snack on a stick, it's fun to eat on the go.

love love love these, these are adult version of chocolate, there are real alcohol liquor inside the chocolate bottle, isn't it cute? they sell these in a cute wood box in Costco during holiday season.

these are the candy and snack and toys I brought from Europe, you think Japanese snack in LA is expensive? try European snack paid in euro.

candy sweet and different falvor of popcorn, you can buy this in Santa Anita Arcadia mall, if you buy the bucket, next time, it's half off the most expensive item.

can you believe this? pizza flavor chips, awesome, I wonder if there will be root beer flavor chips coming soon.


love going out to eat, it's fun it's exciting it's relaxing

I just love going out to eat, either it's sit down at the restaurant or drive thru, it's fun, it's exciting and it's relaxing

here's some of the reason and picture of the food I took, let's see if you can guess which LA restaurant this is.

1. you don't have to cook, someone will cook for you. how great is this? 

2. you don't have to plate your food, someone else will plate it for you and bring it to your table, well, unless it's buffet style 

3. you have so many selection to choose from, from appt to entree to drinks.

4. you have so many restaurant to choose from, LA has many style from Asian to American to fast food to seafood and to many more.

5. you have people serve you, doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, once you step into a restaurant, there will be someone to serve you.

6. if you're young, and you dine out with your family or older people, they will pay for you. if you're a girl, your boyfriend or husband will pay and you don't have to.

7. you don't have to wash dishes, that's the best thing about going out to eat, you can make a mess on the table or your plate, and you don't have to clean up, but don't forget to leave tips.

8. DESSERT !!! yeah, have some sweet after the meal, it's awesome ~~~

9. the restaurant decor is unlike your kitchen or living room or your car, it looks luxury, it looks fancy and some restaurant have themes and some just looks pretty. you feel so good sitting down at a place that you are eating wonderful food with your mouth and your eyes too. and you feel so relaxed.

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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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