can you guess where this is at in Disneyland?

I have Disneyland S. Ca annual pass, so besides the blockout dates, I like to go as often as possible, now let's play a little game, the picture I took below are not regular Disneyland pix, but can you guess where this is at in Disneyland?


I have been to Disneyland for over 20 years, some of the place has changed and some are still the same. they have added new food, new stores and almost every time I go there, there are new items at the shop. I can tell you that until this day, I still havn't gone to every single place at Disneyland, I wish they made more stop for the railroad cuz right now there's only 4 stops, it would be easier for ppl just need to go to a certain area but didn't want to walk. it is a lot of walking, consider that you have to start walking after you get off the parking lot and more walking after you got in.


It is really super fun, just remember don't go on raining day or super hot day, and always eat breakfast before you go, because by the time you can eat something at Disneyland it would take 1 hour after you arrived. and most restaurant don't open till 11am so you have very limit selection. try to read the map the night before at home and figure out where you want to go and where you want to eat. I have a maps at home from different times and I even started collecting them. I have marked every single place and ride that I have been so I know what's left for me to go next time. if you are lots of energy, walk, but if you don't want to walk too much, take the railroad instead.


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