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Vegas is one of our favorite vacation spot, we go to Vegas once a year. I love taking lots of picture. Each time we pick a different new hotel to have our little afternoon walk after our big buffet lunch. I would just take picture like crazy. As you know, Vegas changed all the time, any view you see couple years ago could be gone next time you go. Here's a classic modern view of Vegas.

Vegas hotel used the best of the best contractor, designer and they have almost unlimited budget to buy luxury beautiful decor. It look like the world's most expensive house or palace, they take ideas from everywhere that's awesome, luxury, elegant and beautiful. It gives you that "whoa" factor, it makes your jaw drop and wants to take lots of picture. 

Everything is just screams expensive, expensive, expensive! Whoa, I wish I had this kind of room or this kind of house. Even the restroom is awe-----some!!!!!!!

Every detail is amazing, expensive, colorful, blow your mind "whoa".  I just love going to Vegas just walk into different hotels, browsing the stores that you never seen, look at the wallpaper that wows you, go to the restroom that you never thought could look so elegant. 

Each hotel has different theme, some is European theme, some is modern classic theme. Even thought each one is so awesome, they can always be surpass by other hotels, so they want to always come up with a better idea than the other hotels. Color is important, it's not just red, green, yellow, there are many different type red, green and yellow and other color. It's important to mix the right color with the right lighting. It can't be too over, or else it hurts the customer's eyes and they want to leave, it can't be too boring, or else they're moving to the next hotel. The lighting makes you feel comfortable but want to spend money, the decor makes you feel homey but makes you feel you're in an exotic place. 


Las Vegas Desserts, compare to LA desserts.

The last 2 posts are about LA desserts, now I want to show you Las Vegas desserts from the hotel buffet. can you tell the difference of the desserts between the two cities?

The desserts in Las Vegas are more fancy, smaller portion and more delicate, it's more like an art piece. Obvious it's more expensive if you buy these in the pastry shop, but since it's in the buffet, it's all you can eat, so you can get your money back and if you break down the price by pieces it's not as expensive if you buy it in the pastry shop. And also you can get creative, combine 2 or 3 desserts together to make one customize by you. How fun is that? And the color is amazing.

LA dessert is more about portion size, bigger and more the better. 

Desserts in Las Vegas looks like they're in a pastry competition, they're either in small or cute cups. They look so good, I don't want to eat it sometimes, feels like it's destroying a piece of art. 

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