Let's go shopping at Disneyland ~~~~

I love shopping at Disneyland, plus I got the premium pass so I got up to 20% off at the store. You can find almost anything at the Disneyland store, snack, food, clothes, keychains, toys, I-pod or I-pad cover, and more. 

Most of the stuff sold at Disneyland store are Mickey mouse items, some items are cheap like keychains and magnets and some items are expensive like watches and prints. The one thing I found that's not a good shopping experience at Disneyland is that you don't have a shopping cart, everything you have to carry by hand and take it to your car. And before you get to your car, you have to ride the train to the parking lot. You're not allow to bring suitcase or totes on wheels inside the park, one time, we brought it inside and they told us we are not allow to bring one. So the only way to buy a lot of stuff and larger items is to have your family and friends help you. 

You can get keychains with your name on it, and it's a very great gifts to buy for kids and adults. If you're a serious collector, be make sure to get items that you want when you see one, some of the items are limited by year and season. So get it or you're regret it. I'm not sure what they do with last year or last season's items and I don't think you can get it anymore. 

It's super cute, really special and if you live in LA area, you're lucky cuz you can buy these items. Other ppl living in other states have to travel here to buy these items. So shop and have fun and enjoy the happy memories at Disneyland.


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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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