The Art of Arguing

I was just watching Bravo's reality show "Real Housewives of New York", they were going on vacation but 90% of the time, they were just arguing. They are suppose to relax and have a good time on vacation enjoying food and spa and beautiful environment. But really 90% of the time they were just arguing so I was wondering if people really just love to arguing to it's just a big misunderstanding.

People likes to stand up for themselves and have more opinion than the ancient times. In the ancient times, it's not easy to express your opinion, especially women and lower class. Nowdays, people can express what they think, what they feel, what they fear or what they sense. maybe too much expressing freedom cause too much arguing. Everybody was brought up in different family, parents, teachers and friends so everybody has different opinion on things. you can not find another person that thinks and act like you 100%, not your parents, not your children and not your friends and your spouse. so what do you do? Each side needs to talk about what they want and either they meet in the middle or walk away from the matter. but sometimes there's misunderstanding due to the way people communicate. sometimes when this person says something, he/she means this, but sometimes when another person says the same thing, he/she means another way. Friends and family argue the most even thought they spend more times than strangers, even thought they communicate in the past, even though they might share the same blood line. the closer you are to somebody the more you tend to argue.

I think maybe most people argue due to misunderstandin but they just keep on arguing even thought they know they are wrong, because their ego is standing in the way to make them fight more. each side wants to prove that they are right, who wants to show their weakness and they are wrong, right? so arguing starts with misunderstanding, follow by a boost of ego and ended with a big explosion that both sides are hurting. But some people just love to argue because it make people feels like they are strong and they meant something. it is very weird, but it is true. arguing to prove your point is like protecting your baby, but in this case, the baby is your point, your opinion. you want to show the world what you think about this matter and when someone else come in to prove you wrong, you want to fight back and tell them why they are the wrong one and you are the right one. We as human beings may never ever ends fighting and arguing.

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