Super Colorful Disneyland Picture, Awesome !!!

Here's more colorful picture from the awesome fun Disneyland, and here's how I spend my day at Disneyland.

I would plan my day ahead if I want to visit Disneyland, because I don't want to stuck at traffic, we usually leave about 10 or 11am. We get 2 backpacks, one to put in the car with extra water, one to bring inside the park with a bottle of water. Depends on the weather I would bring extra cloth or hat; in the hot summer day, we bring hat and in the night or cold days, we bring jacket and scarf. Of course we have to bring cash and credit card and our annual pass. I also bring a wallet full of quarter and new pennies for my penny collection. When we get to the parking lot, we show our pass to get in free to park; then follow the orange cones or the car infront of us to find a place to park. Get our backpack and get down to the first level and get on the tram.

Get into the park show our passes and check the backpacks. There's restroom and ATM and lockers outside the entrance. Get the map and figure out where we want to eat, usually we get in around lunch time. We would pick a restaurant and go to that part of the park. Get in line, get our food, show our passes to save money. Always remember to show your passes to save money, it doesn't work on the food cart outdoors. 

We usually just go there to eat and shop, when we have extra time or have enough energy, we find a ride to go on. But we always bring our cameras to take pictures. We almost visit all the restaurants and shops inside the park but everytime we go there, there's always something new to see and something fun to do. I love window shopping and actual shopping and people watching. I know all the new product it come out because everytime I go there, I would notice which product is new or old. 

I get to take different kinds of picture everytime I go there. And it also depends on the cameras I brought. The better one is of course more heavy and I have a lighter one and cell phone too. Just recently I brought a autograph and photo album book, so I'll be starting to take picture with the characters and get their autograph too. The thing I don't like is that they don't allow those small wheel backpack/suitcase for safety reason, or else I would use that to carry my stuff around. We also brought different size sandwich bag and supermarket plastic bags. What's those for? For bringing the left over food of course. I have seem a lot of people left their food on the plate and it's usually more than half and they wouldn't carry it with them or finish it. It's a waste of money consider Disneyland food is quite expensive. 

Before we leave, we can go to the big store at main street to shop or bring some snack home. We usually leave before 5-6pm if we go in the morning. Sometimes during the hot summer days, we go after 7-8pm and stay till they closed. All the shops at main street will remain open for one more hour after the park closed. So we sat at the main street, shopping and get some snack or just watching people leaving. We always have a fun day at Disneyland, well, except when I can't buy the stuff I want. 



Rainbows of Color ~~~~

I love different colors and I love the rainbow color. Colorful things just makes you want to be happy and smile.

Here's a collection of my rainbow color pictures. Hope it will bring a smile to your face.

Different color gives you different mood, bright color makes you alert, happy and shock, darker color makes you sad, calm and peaceful. What about rainbow colors, what kind of mood are you in when you see these colors all together?


Most of the place that can get away with lots of rainbow color is of course the mall, shops, restaurants; because they want to attract customers, but can you handle it if your house looks like this?

Do you feel dizzy yet? so many colors, so many selection of food. At the supermarket, they put all kinds of food on display and different products has different color and it makes a beautiful rainbow color picture.


Pictures with warm yellow lighting

I love the warm yellow lighting feeling, it makes you feel at home and warm and safe. A lot of the pictures I took have warm yellow lighting, here it is, enjoy!

There are many different lighting in the market, when you walk into home depot, you can find many different light bulbs. There's the white and yellow light bulb. I wish they would have picture next to the light bulb so you know what you're getting. A lot of the store would choose warm yellow lighting to make the customers feel welcome. It's all the market techniques to make you want to buy more things if you feel more welcome in the store.

So how do you feel after seeing how these different yellow lights, little lights and lots of lights, indoors and outdoors make a big difference. So next time when you're out either on the street or inside the store, pay more attention to the lighting, it might give you a different mood. 


Random LA pictures.

I love taking pictures everywhere I go, I used either my cell phone or camera to take pictures. Of course the digital camera has better quality than the cell phone pictures. but sometimes when you're in the mall or in the restaurant, you don't really want to take out the big camera so a cell phone is a better choice. here's some random pictures that I took around LA. can you guess where it is?

LA is a place full of culture, we have all different kinds of people from different country comes here. that results so many different style of food and restaurants and shops. you don't have to leave LA to buy stuff from across the ocean or across the land. it's fun just to go out explore different areas. I have live here most of my life and I havn't gone to every single area in LA.

some pictures looks blurry cuz I was walking while taking pictures, but it does add a little cool effect. so for people out there wants to criticize my blurry non professional picture, I just want to tell you, I take pictures for myself not for professional photography contest. it is just fun, it is just for me. And I love my pictures.

taking picture is really fun, it is like a diary without words only picutres. as years past by, you can go back and look at all the old pictures you take. it is a real life documentary and it is real, it is the truth. I organize my pictures by folders and years. this way, anytime I want to look at a certain time period or place, I can just look it up. you're never going to have the old times back, we all grow up and grow old so why not take lots of pictures for memory.


Just some fun pictures of food.

I love eating, who doesn't? food is important and either if you cook at home or you dine out at the restaurant. it is fun, it is exciting, you can eat different kinds of food and dessert and snack. you can drink from wine to ice tea to sodas. I love taking pictures and here's some fun pictures of food that I want to share with you.



I just love taking pictures, of course it is taking a lot of time. when you sit down at a restaurant and you see the food coming, you want to clean your hands and start eating. but since I have to just take pictures of the food almost everywhere I go, I have to stop everybody from digging in and wait for me to take pictures. I like to take it from different angles, I love taking weird and fun pictures not just ordinary pictures that you can see everywhere.

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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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