ice cream shop at Disneyland Anaheim, CA

There's a couple ice cream shops at Disneyland Anaheim, CA. the most popular one is at the left side of main street, called Gibson Girl ice cream parlor. it has a jade green elephant decor and it looked very classic. but I don't like it's open too late around 11pm, come on, you can't offer ice cream earlier? and most ppl eat ice cream after lunch, so if you go there btw 12:30-2:30pm, it's packed with ppl, there's at least 7-12 customer in front of you, and most ppl don't just order 1 or 2, you often see father ordered about 3-5 ice cream for all the kids. and there's only a few table inside to sit.




if you want less line and cheaper ice cream you can just go across the street, it's called Main street cone shop hosted by Dreyer's. funny, why do they have 2 ice cream shop at the same place? but anyways, it is a quicker way to get ice cream, because it's not a shop with seats. most ppl might not know about this place so there's fewer lines.

and there's a hidden ice cream place in Adventureland called Tiki juice bar, hosted by Dole. this place is actually introduced to me by the girl that sold popcorn in main street. so sometimes you can talk to ppl worked at Disneyland to ask them some special place to go.


it's a small stand and if you don't know it's selling ice cream you probably pass it right by. I've been going to Disneyland for over 20 yrs and I don't even know about this place. but there's always a line, so anywhere if you sees a line, go wait in line doens't matter what they sell. it's mainly pineapple, it has just the juice or just the ice cream or you can have both. first time I was there I was a little worry because pineapple is sour, so I got the pineapple ice cream but I see a l lot of ppl got both, the pineapple juice and ice cream together. so next time I'll try that. it is refreshing and new kind of ice cream and it's awesome to eat in the hot summer day.


Here's more picture of different ice cream in Disneyland. do you know which shop they're from?

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