Quick tips on Saving Time and Money

I have some tips on saving time and money to share with you. Over the years as I live on this planet earth, I observed, lived, made mistakes and discover many things. I have found some tips in everyday life.

1. while waiting for your computer/cell phone/TV to turn on, you can walk away to do something else instead of just standing there waiting, you can do the same thing while microwave your food too.

2. do not drink water from yesterday, always get new water, and it's not good to use those plastic water bottle too many times too. cuz when you drink it with your mouth, it creates bacteria, when you leave it under the sun in the car, it creates bacteria, so only use it couple times and then recycle them. and if you have left over water from yesterday, don't just dump them out, use them to clean the sink or shower walls or even water the plants

3. turn off water while you're brushing your teeth

4. it's great to recycle but we don't want to walk out to the yard or garage to dump the recycle trash every single time we have something, so instead gather the paper/plastic bag you get from shopping and leave it at a corner of somewhere in your house, when you have newspaper, water bottle, soda cans or anything to recycle, just dump it there, and then when it's full, take it out; this way not only you save time and when you see the recycle bag at home, you will find more recycle things.


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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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