me enjoying my lunch at Disneyland

Everytime I went to Disneyland I try to have lunch in different places, over the years, I try many type of foods, but I still am not able to dine in every single restaurants. I hope pretty soon, I could take more pix and taste more food at Disneyland. This is a cafe style, you pick an entree and side salad and drinks and you can also get some dessert like cake or fruit. At Disneyland, there's some healthy choice too, instead of fries you can pick fresh fruit, instead of pasta you can pick salad, there's also juice instead of soda, you can always ask the friendly server for alternative choices. 


if you really want to know more about the restaurants in Disneyland you can check out yelp.

sometimes if you are in a hurry to go to the next ride or you just got off from the ride and don't want to eat too much, you can get something to go, and find a quiet place to sit down to eat. 

I tend to stay away from California Adventure in the summer cuz it has less tree and less shade and it's hotter than Disneyland, here's me having lunch at DCA.

when you get out of Disneyland, you can still get some food at downtown Disney from food carts or restaurants, remember, if you have annual pass, you can still get discount at downtown Disney, just ask your server how much you can save. 

Somtimes I go to Disneyland at night, because it's dark, the pix I took is different from day time. 

here's more yummy lunch at Disneyland.

here's some tips I can give you for dine in at Disneyland, bring some snacks of your own, in case the line is too long and you need to chew on something before you get your food, don't eat too much, cuz it's just not healthy for tummy. for fried food, you can get napkin to wrap the food and it will take out some greasy oil, for snacks, only get 1-2 per day, don't have too much ice cream then cupcake then sweet apples. some restaurant you can ask to put salad dressing on the side so you don't eat too much dressing. always ask for discount if you have annual pass. I always have some empty sandwich bag or just plastic bag to put left over food, you can take the left over home or eat it later in the park when you're hungry, and you should research which restaurant you want to eat before you go, so you don't end up too hungry and don't know where to eat. or you can ask any friendly Disneyland worker where to find restaurants. 


eating at Disneyland, so many choices, so little time

I love the food at Disneyland, I almost finish all the different restaurant at Disneyland, even thought it is a little expensive, but what can you do? unless you are willing to eat the sandwich and chips you brought from home, you have to pay for the food in Disneyland, they have food for different age, for adults, they have BBQ chicken and ribs, hamburger, sandwich, for kids, they have pizza, chicken finger, but for everybody, they have yummy snacks and desserts. if you have annual pass, you can get 10% off and 15% off for premium pass. the pass discount only works at the restaurant and some food stand. always be sure to ask and show you pass before they ring you up, cuz after they ring the cash register, they can't give you discount anymore.


a few unique food that you won't find anywhere else outside Disneyland is chocolate covered banana in the ice cream stand outdoors, super thick corn dog by the main street corn dog stand, pineapple ice cream at the Tiki juice bar by Adventureland, soups in bread bowls in different locations, special non alcohol mint julep lime juice by New Orleans Square's French market and of course the one and only Mickey mouse shape waffle. to view all the restaurant online check out.


it tells you what they offer and the price range, some of the more expensive restaurant offers reservation, so you can call ahead of time. (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463

yeab, even their napkins has Mickey mouse design, how fun is this.


love going out to eat, it's fun it's exciting it's relaxing

I just love going out to eat, either it's sit down at the restaurant or drive thru, it's fun, it's exciting and it's relaxing

here's some of the reason and picture of the food I took, let's see if you can guess which LA restaurant this is.

1. you don't have to cook, someone will cook for you. how great is this? 

2. you don't have to plate your food, someone else will plate it for you and bring it to your table, well, unless it's buffet style 

3. you have so many selection to choose from, from appt to entree to drinks.

4. you have so many restaurant to choose from, LA has many style from Asian to American to fast food to seafood and to many more.

5. you have people serve you, doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, once you step into a restaurant, there will be someone to serve you.

6. if you're young, and you dine out with your family or older people, they will pay for you. if you're a girl, your boyfriend or husband will pay and you don't have to.

7. you don't have to wash dishes, that's the best thing about going out to eat, you can make a mess on the table or your plate, and you don't have to clean up, but don't forget to leave tips.

8. DESSERT !!! yeah, have some sweet after the meal, it's awesome ~~~

9. the restaurant decor is unlike your kitchen or living room or your car, it looks luxury, it looks fancy and some restaurant have themes and some just looks pretty. you feel so good sitting down at a place that you are eating wonderful food with your mouth and your eyes too. and you feel so relaxed.


hidden awesome Restaurant inside Disneyland Anaheim, CA, Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

one of the best restaurant in Disneyland, Anaheim CA might also be the best BBQ in LA. it is called BIG THUNDER RANCH BARBECUE 


located at the end of Disneyland by Toontown and Frontierland. it is really far so if you're like me and my boyfriend just going to Disneyland to eat, you can take the Railroad by the front door when you get in. there's no stop by Frontierland so you either have to get off at the 1st stop - New Orleans Square and walk towards Frontierland or you can get off at 2nd stop - Toontown and walk back. it is a little further if you get off at the 1st stop but if you don't like a lot of noise that made by kids, don't get off at Toontown. this restaurant is actually marked "Don't miss" on the Disneyland map.


it's all you can eat style, now before you think the price is too expensive, think about most of the 1 entry in Disneyland everywhere else is around $10-12, so to pay about $15-$35.99 for all you can eat is great. $21.99 lunch and $2.99 for drinks and dinner is $24.99, so I think $15 is either for vegetairan or dessert. dessert menu is ranch hand sundaes and old fashioned ice cream floats, seasonal cobblers, fresh strawberry shortcake or a family-style cookie bake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge. dessert is charge extra and price varies. lunch is till 3:40pm and it is barbeque chicken and ribs, cole slaw, ranch beans and cornbread. dinner starts at 4pm and it is the same as lunch plus smoked sausages and corn wheels.


I think the chicken is more special than the ribs, but my boyfriend liked both. the corn bread comes with little butter and beans are great. the one I love the most has to be the chicken. it has a sweet taste which is rare. it is not buffet but all you can eat style. so if you need any more food, just ask the server. the server is dress up in Western cowboy cowgirl style. the food is a little slow I guess it takes a long time to cook so make sure you go there a little early. if you don't like loud noise, DO NOT SIT BY THE FRONT ROW. the first time we went there, we sat at the front row. it is so loud. and all the parents are mocking around our table to take pix of their kids on stage. they have performance, singing and music and it is fun. I also love the little glass they put drinks in. it just taste so awesome, I love half coke and half diet, but the server called it coke zero. it is so good, probably the greatest half coke half diet drink I ever had. for 2 ppl, everything is enough but the chicken, so just ate the chicken first and ask for more. it comes in a very cute bucket, everything is like Western style, and it is so cute and fun. first I don't like the loud noise and the long wait but after I taste the chicken and drink it is so awesome.


Vegetarians can also eat here, their menu is barbecue skewer with potatoes, squash, bell peppers, mushrooms and tofu. I don't know the price because I didn't know they offer this. you can also call ahead to make reservation at (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463. I just think it's so far and if you walked the whole day and have to go all the back at the end of Disneyland, it would not so tired. I really wish they offer to go box just for the meat. I really think Disneyland should offer a to go service by the front gate for all the famous dishes in the park.

Havn't tried the dessert yet but I will next time I go back, this is a DO NOT MISS spot not only in Disneyland but also in LA. great experience and fun and awesome great delicious food.



I'm addicted to drive through

drive through is a modern culture scene, it saves time, you don't have to get out of the car, you can still listen to your music or clean your car while you wait, it is an unique scene in LA, most of other city don't have this kind of scene. in LA, everybody drives, and people do a lot of stuff on the go, of course do not use cell phone for safety. sometimes we have a lot of things to take care of during my boyfriend's day off, so in the morning, we don't have time for breakfast and we always stop by Jack in the Box for breakfast. usually there're only 2-3 cars in front of us, their breakfast is serve all the time, so you can have it at lunch or dinner(AWESOME!!! can McD do the same thing too?) and you pay with credit card, you don't have to worry about getting the correct change. just make sure what you order is what's showing on the screen, sometimes the cashier is super busy, they will forget something. and most importantly be sure to park not too far from the window, I'm pretty short so I have to park closer to the window. when you get your food in the paper, be sure to take a quick look, cuz sometimes they will mess up, look for the syrup or sauce you're suppose to get and if you need extra napkin or straw, be sure to ask. sometimes in my experience, they will forget straw or napkin. and receipt is important too cuz it has the last 4 digit of your credit card number.

it's fun, and when you have a busy day ahead or you already have a very tired day, drive through is awesome, now you can even get Starbucks drive through, well not in every single city. I wonder what's next for drive through, it would be great if stuff like we need everyday can all get a drive through. right now the one that has drive through is fast food, drug store prescription pick up, coffee/drink shop, bank ATM, weddings (in Vegas of course), market. here's some suggestion for more drive through ideas, quick law advice, chain restaurants, 7-11, lottery tickets, dry clean, online order and quick pick up at the store.






buy giftcard at restaurant during holiday season & get extra !

I love buying giftcards at fast food and restaurants, here's why

1. usually they never expire and all you have to do is at least use it once a year to avoid $1 fee, so you can use it all year long or next year or next next year.

2. you get extra 15-20% more, for ex. buying $100 gift card gets you $120 in

total or buying $80 gift card gets you $100 total, that's not all, if you are enrolled in certain credit card cash bonus program, you get addition 5% cash back on your credit card. I used Discover card from Oct-Dec every year to purchase food gift card, fast food and coffee store counts as restaurant too. so here's the math, I spend $80 buying a $100 gift card and plus I get $5 extra on my credit card cash back. it's win win situation.

3. I collect gift cards, they usually come in holiday theme during the holiday season and every year there's different design, so if you like pretty cards or just want something different than looking at your credit card you can start getting gift cards for yourself.

4. if this gift card is a gift, the person that receive it won't know how much you really pay for it(you pay for it 15-20% cheaper than the actual value), so when they give you the same value gift back, you receive greater gift than the one you give.

5. sometimes if you buy more than $100 you'll ever get a surprise small gifts, one time, I got a glass mug full with candy from Claim Jumper. 

just remember to organize your gift card and group the same store together so you know how many you have and next year you can buy other store's gift card. and every year they might change the rules, so be sure to watch out for holiday promotion via email or in the store.

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