Santa Anita Arcadia Mall

I want to talk about this awesome mall in LA, it is at the north of LA, in a town call Arcadia, it is next to Santa Anita race track, it used to be one of the biggest race track in the world. it has lots of parking and it's one of the top luxury mall in LA. most ppl know it as Arcadia mall but technically it is called Santa Anita mall. it is one of the Westfield mall that has malls around the world not just in the US.

this is a big park in Arcadia, but it's not free, it is the Arcadia Arboretum, it's famous for having peacocks walking around you, they're not afraid of ppl, and they're beautiful.

new addition of the mall, it's a trend to have malls nowdays to have some indoor and some outdoors. they have some beautiful covers so in the summer time, customer can feel cool. they have trains for the children to ride and nice seating areas too.

the center court of the mall

one end that has AMC and the foot court and outside the foot court some more restaurant like Cheesecake Factory.

outdoor resting area by Macys and parking, it has water fountain, beautiful flowers and rocks and Subway.

the new restaurant Red Robin by Macys, so Subway is not the only place you can get food, this is nice cuz food court is all the way at the other end of the mall.

to parking lot, this is a very nice parking lot and it's free.

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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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