after Valentine sale at drug store

I love after holiday sale especially at drug store, yesterday Feb 15, 2012, me and my boyfriend went to Walgreens to have a big after holiday shopping spree. even though it's raining but it's fun. we focused on Walgreens cuz we went there before Valentine so we knew what we already want to get. the one I want is Emily chocolate dip fortune cookie, I love buying fortune cookie from Panda Express. so couple yrs ago my boyfriend got this for me, it's in a red Chinese to go box, so cute! but it's expensive $1 per cookie, the box has 6 giant fortune cookie and it cost $6, I just think it's too expensive to buy before Valentine, so we actually went to 2 Walgreens the day after and at the last store we got 2 boxes (yeah!!!!! horray for me) Laughing

my boyfriend grabbed the chocolates and I focused on the singing stuff animal. I got a green frog that sings "umbrella" dance version and a white dog with red nose/ear, how cute is that. the only thing you need to remember is that sometimes the store don't have time to put the 50% off sale, but most drug store will have after holiday sale, before you spend time grabbing stuff, ask a cashier to make sure. and the thing to remember is that it's only the Valentine theme bag that's on sale, for ex. M&M with Valentine theme bag design is on sale but not the regular one. and ask the cashier which aisle is it, sometimes there're some in the front and some on the side. so we got both chocolate and stuff animals, total $40 so it's a $40 saving. YEAH!!!

we went the day after before noon, and most of the stuff is still there, so if you really want to nail the sales with more selection, get up early go to the store the very next day and you will be happy hard work will pay off. and if you really want to go further, you can actually check all the drug store in your area the week of the holiday or couple days before the holiday to see which store you will to go after the holiday.



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