More shopping at Disneyland

here's more picture of wonderful Disneyland shopping. ah, I want to buy all of these and have a room in my house just to display these cute stuff. 

prices at Disneyland has gone up over the years, if you buy a lot of stuff from Disneyland years ago, you are so lucky; before key chains and small items are about $2-5, now even the small items are about $5-10, if you can find anything less than $4 in the park, GET IT!!!

shopping at Disneyland is not just for kids anymore, they have a lot of grown up stuff too like household decoration, kitchen supply, clothing, jewelry, but sometimes different stores carry different stuff, so make sure you go around all the stores (oh yeah, they're everywhere, cuz they want your money) to look for the stuff you want to take home. one thing I do not like about shopping at Disneyland is that you will not get a shopping cart at all, so remember everything you brought you have to carry back to the train and parking lot and your car. 

different land sell different themes, so go shop at which ever land you like the most. key chains and magnets are mostly the same everywhere, sometimes small items like these have buy 3 save more sale, just be sure to ask the cashier. 

when you are at the store, ask cashier about special sales or items, sometimes small talks can get you a lot of discount, remember if you have annual pass, be sure to use it every single time. one time I was talking to one of the clerk, he told me some really expensive collections  will not take the annual pass discount. 

well, my advice is that if you're on a budget just buy small things, easy to carry, put it in your backpack. if you really want to buy the big and heavy stuff, wait till you leave the park, that way you don't have to carry it with you all day long. I believe they have a special service if you stay at the hotel in downtown Disney, if you pay a fee, they can get your stuff deliver to your hotel room. 

here's the cars land stuff only at Disney California Adventure, you're not going to find these at Disneyland.

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