More shopping at Disneyland

here's more picture of wonderful Disneyland shopping. ah, I want to buy all of these and have a room in my house just to display these cute stuff. 

prices at Disneyland has gone up over the years, if you buy a lot of stuff from Disneyland years ago, you are so lucky; before key chains and small items are about $2-5, now even the small items are about $5-10, if you can find anything less than $4 in the park, GET IT!!!

shopping at Disneyland is not just for kids anymore, they have a lot of grown up stuff too like household decoration, kitchen supply, clothing, jewelry, but sometimes different stores carry different stuff, so make sure you go around all the stores (oh yeah, they're everywhere, cuz they want your money) to look for the stuff you want to take home. one thing I do not like about shopping at Disneyland is that you will not get a shopping cart at all, so remember everything you brought you have to carry back to the train and parking lot and your car. 

different land sell different themes, so go shop at which ever land you like the most. key chains and magnets are mostly the same everywhere, sometimes small items like these have buy 3 save more sale, just be sure to ask the cashier. 

when you are at the store, ask cashier about special sales or items, sometimes small talks can get you a lot of discount, remember if you have annual pass, be sure to use it every single time. one time I was talking to one of the clerk, he told me some really expensive collections  will not take the annual pass discount. 

well, my advice is that if you're on a budget just buy small things, easy to carry, put it in your backpack. if you really want to buy the big and heavy stuff, wait till you leave the park, that way you don't have to carry it with you all day long. I believe they have a special service if you stay at the hotel in downtown Disney, if you pay a fee, they can get your stuff deliver to your hotel room. 

here's the cars land stuff only at Disney California Adventure, you're not going to find these at Disneyland.


My cute and colorful toys

here I'm sharing with you the stuff I brought over the years either from mall or ebay or at big stores. I love colorful, cute and awesome things. Over the years, I collect Juicy Couture handbag and keychain, then I started other handbag like Coach. I also collect keychains, jewelry and magnets. I love shopping on ebay where I can get great deals in bulk. When I got it home I like to take lots of picture for memory, cuz sometimes you don't remember what you have. Some picture you can see it's still in the bag.  


Let's go shopping at Disneyland ~~~~

I love shopping at Disneyland, plus I got the premium pass so I got up to 20% off at the store. You can find almost anything at the Disneyland store, snack, food, clothes, keychains, toys, I-pod or I-pad cover, and more. 

Most of the stuff sold at Disneyland store are Mickey mouse items, some items are cheap like keychains and magnets and some items are expensive like watches and prints. The one thing I found that's not a good shopping experience at Disneyland is that you don't have a shopping cart, everything you have to carry by hand and take it to your car. And before you get to your car, you have to ride the train to the parking lot. You're not allow to bring suitcase or totes on wheels inside the park, one time, we brought it inside and they told us we are not allow to bring one. So the only way to buy a lot of stuff and larger items is to have your family and friends help you. 

You can get keychains with your name on it, and it's a very great gifts to buy for kids and adults. If you're a serious collector, be make sure to get items that you want when you see one, some of the items are limited by year and season. So get it or you're regret it. I'm not sure what they do with last year or last season's items and I don't think you can get it anymore. 

It's super cute, really special and if you live in LA area, you're lucky cuz you can buy these items. Other ppl living in other states have to travel here to buy these items. So shop and have fun and enjoy the happy memories at Disneyland.



hurry up to Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA for major sale event

Hurry up to Glendale Galleria located in Glendale, CA, it's one of the largest and classic mall in LA. you can get there by freeway 134 exit Brand Blvd or freeway 5 exit Colorado St. the most special about this mall is that you can either go in the Nordstrom side or you can go into the other side which is the new Target store they just added and JCPenny. these two entrance has different feeling and since the mall is so big, you can just hang out either entrance and go to the other one next time. and another best thing about this mall that none of other mall in LA has is that when you finish shopping in this mall you can just go across the street to the new Americana. 


Americana and the Grove is the new trend for malls for the last 7-10 yrs. it's kindda like Asian style because in Asia, space is so precious, they build apartments above malls and shopping streets. it's for singles or small familys that loved being in luxury apartments and able to shop and eat downstairs, they don't have to maintain a yard but they have these large fountains and grass downstairs. the fountain has a water dance show and the street is full of cool American feel music and scenery. it would be great if they have more food cart. I never really park there because they charge parking fees, why not just park in Glendale Galleria and walk over. how to get there from the mall? just go to JCPenny by the Target side and find the Gap store, and whoala you can just go out to the mall and walk into Americana.  

the best sale event of the year is happening right now, this year 2012, they finally decided to remodel the old Mervyn's store down by the Nordstrom side. the old Mervyn's has been empty for years, ppl just go to Nordstrom and not willing to go further. so they thought since across the street is Americana, one of the classic outdoor mall in LA, why not bringing Bloomingdale's. Bloomingdale's only open in the luxury mall like Beverly Center and Century city. they're located next to the rich city. since Bloomingdale's coming in 2013. most of the big store on the Nordstrom side is also doing big remodling. there will be other new remodling around the mall, for example, the restroom by food court is way too small and I'm really glad they will be remodling it. it is so exciting but not a good news for other stores right now. there will be dust and noise during construction so the big store like Disney store and Coach has to move somewhere else in the mall. they need to make money every day, one day they're closed, they're losing a lot of money compare to smaller stores. so they want to not stay at the current location during the construction. so where will the small stores move to? they will either closed temporary or forever. right now a lot of small stores are having major sales like 40-50% off per item. this is not buy 1 get 1 50% off. each item is close to half off, this is great. like shopping in discount store. so if you have time, go to Glendale Galleria, look for the half off sign. grab it and get it and go home happy.


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