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love watching reality show, if you love it too, watch Bravo, it's channel 57 or 110. it start off with Project Runway, which now is no longer on Bravo but on Lifetime. it has reality show about different careers or lifestyle and competition. it has food competition like TOP CHEF which won awards. it has rich lifestyle around USA like Real housewives of Orange, CA, New york city, Atlanta, New Jersey, Miami, DC, Beverly Hills. mmm. I wonder what's the next city, I hope it would be Texas or somewhere in the middle of US.


there's career kind of reality show, like work out, fashion, music, art, real estate, hair, a lot of shows has been cancel, and some reality show star end up having its own show like Bethenny ever after, Tabatha takes over, Its a Brad Brad world. it's fun, it's entertaining, the only bad thing is that when you watch this channel too much, you kindda hate your parents for not being rich. a lot of ppl on this show is really rich and a lot is just for show. when they show the restaurants, it could just be free food for them to advertise on the show. you often see they show the sign of the restaurant and store they went to. a lot of editing effect too, maybe they didn't really argue or fight but the editing makes it look that way. the funny thing about this channel is that it has lots of re runs, sometimes you can still watch shows from years ago. sometimes they do a marathon of one show all day long. it's a fun thing to watch how the rich ppl lives but just be careful not to be sunk in too much or you end up being in deep depression.




my favorite is Jeff Lewis Flipping Out and Million dollar listing (LA and NY)

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