my 2006 Europe trip - Austria- Vienna

this is another city I visited in Austria - Vienna, the language they speak is Germany, I think I might want to move to Austria in the future, it's a really pretty country but I need to learn the language. 

one of the royal palace the king and queen used to lived. see how big their yard is? how do they get from the end of the yard back to the palace? is this how they work out?

yeab, that's my name on my jeans, I painted my jeans.

this is the "downtown" shopping place. the buildings are in a light color so it made the street look wider and bigger not too narrow, I love it.

Mozart Cafe, by the way Mozart died very young and didn't even have a grave site after he died. his sister however, lived to be over 90 years old.


my 2006 Europe trip - Austria- Salzburg

here's another city in Austria that I travel - Salzburg. it's a beautiful city but different from Innsbruck. 

the building style has some German influence in it, lots of wood, dark wood.

rest stop restaurant by the road.

park with lots of beautiful trees and a small chapel.

here we're at the town, I guess this is their downtown. lots of shops, interesting building. 

famous Mozart the great musician was born in this yellow building. when i was there in 2006, it's actually a Mozart celebration, they have all the gifts and snack that has Mozart's picture on it. 


lots of churches in Europe, so grand so beautiful, such a powerful feeling and so calm, relax and graceful. 

one more slice of black forest cafe, remember I had one in Germany?

ah, taking a break sitting down at the outside of the cafe and enjoying some ice tea while I people watching. remember the yellow building where Mozart was born? it's behind me. 


My Europe trip - France - Paris at night

Paris is awesome and beautiful in the morning but it's more beautiful at night. The light shines, people dances, even the sky looks like a master painting. I'm so happy that I got to see one of the most wonderful city in the world in the morning and at night too.

so so very very cold, see how much I had to covered myself up? if you're going, be sure to bring sweater, heavy jackets, scarfs, beanies and gloves.

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