the beautiful nights at the beautiful LA

LA is a beautiful city, so grab your cameras and start shooting pictures, now taking pix at night is tricky. Make sure you grab your best camera so it can capture the best picture. Try different angles when you take pix so you can capture different lighting. Some cameras is okay when taking pix on the move but some will turn out blurry. But sometimes blurry pix at night can turn into a beautiful pix. So the key is to take lots of pix so you can pick the one you like, and sometimes you might end up having some surprising good pix.

LA has beautiful weather, so when you take pix at night, the sky is clear most of the time. Try think outside the box when taking pix at night, take pix from below the night and see what happens.

Here's some of the night time pix I took of the beautiful LA downtown. 


Las Vegas Desserts, compare to LA desserts.

The last 2 posts are about LA desserts, now I want to show you Las Vegas desserts from the hotel buffet. can you tell the difference of the desserts between the two cities?

The desserts in Las Vegas are more fancy, smaller portion and more delicate, it's more like an art piece. Obvious it's more expensive if you buy these in the pastry shop, but since it's in the buffet, it's all you can eat, so you can get your money back and if you break down the price by pieces it's not as expensive if you buy it in the pastry shop. And also you can get creative, combine 2 or 3 desserts together to make one customize by you. How fun is that? And the color is amazing.

LA dessert is more about portion size, bigger and more the better. 

Desserts in Las Vegas looks like they're in a pastry competition, they're either in small or cute cups. They look so good, I don't want to eat it sometimes, feels like it's destroying a piece of art. 


Bling Bling Lights and Colorful Signs around the City

I love looking at colorful and shining lights and signs, however it is not easy to take these pictures. Because unless you have an awesome expensive camera, when you move just a little bit, the lights will become a line and makes the picture blurry. here are some pictures of lights and signs around the city.


some of these signs no longer exist because most of the store will update their neo signs to attract customers and as the years passes, technology gets better and better so the store have to change to a better saving energy signs.


some of the signs and lights are small and some are big, but doesn't matter what, it makes your eyes wonder and somehow sees colorful lights makes ppl happy. it's colorful, it's bright, it's something you don't see at home. but beware don't look at it for too long, your eyes might not take it.

we all need lights to see, even in day time, the stores will turn on the light for the customer to see better and buy more things. nowdays, there are many different kinds of light bulb, some regular, some energy saving, some colorful, some for home use, some for industry use, some for small houses, some for big signs. there are so many kinds of lights.

and don't forget, some of the awesome sights of light were gather by small tiny lights, this is to teach us humans that if we all work together, we can make big dreams come true. and every single small tiny lights counts among the big awesome crowds.


This is LA? really? Where is this place?

There's so many places in LA that I have never been, in fact many people might not even know this is LA and this existed. I have taken some picture that you might not recognize and you might be shocked to find out "This is LA?"

So maybe next time you can take your blackberry or Iphone or some other phone to take pix as you walk along some place that doesn't look like LA.


Does any of these places look familiar to you?



the beauty of LA

Even though almost every movie's background is in NY, very rarely you will find major movies film in LA, but I think LA is a very fun and unique city. I love taking pictures, over the years, I have taken pictures using cell phone, regular camera, a more upgrade camera, here I want to share some of my pictures with you, I have selected a few that I think represend LA's beauty.


remember the times when we used to have to buy films and put it in? the film is 24 and 36 pictures only so we can not take too many pictures unless you're filthy rich. and you have to take it to special store or drug store to get devloped and you have to wait couple days or a week to get the result. now digital camera is so cheap that almost everyone has one. and cell phone has better technology and the picture from cell phone is pretty good too. around $100 you can get a regular camera that has about 3-5X zoom and around $200-300 you can get a better camera that has more than 10X zoom. so why not take more pictures of your life and have memories store in your hard drive.

you can use pictures to instead words to write a diary, it will show every single place you ever been to, ppl you talk to, and restaurant that you ate at, take pictures of yourself, you can see how over the years how you change. it is fun taking pictures, especially now you don't have to go out to devlope and buy films, just buy the memory card and extra battery and store it in your hard drive, you can make it as a CD to give to your family as gifts or print it out and store it in the scrapbooks or photo albums.


Random LA pictures.

I love taking pictures everywhere I go, I used either my cell phone or camera to take pictures. Of course the digital camera has better quality than the cell phone pictures. but sometimes when you're in the mall or in the restaurant, you don't really want to take out the big camera so a cell phone is a better choice. here's some random pictures that I took around LA. can you guess where it is?

LA is a place full of culture, we have all different kinds of people from different country comes here. that results so many different style of food and restaurants and shops. you don't have to leave LA to buy stuff from across the ocean or across the land. it's fun just to go out explore different areas. I have live here most of my life and I havn't gone to every single area in LA.

some pictures looks blurry cuz I was walking while taking pictures, but it does add a little cool effect. so for people out there wants to criticize my blurry non professional picture, I just want to tell you, I take pictures for myself not for professional photography contest. it is just fun, it is just for me. And I love my pictures.

taking picture is really fun, it is like a diary without words only picutres. as years past by, you can go back and look at all the old pictures you take. it is a real life documentary and it is real, it is the truth. I organize my pictures by folders and years. this way, anytime I want to look at a certain time period or place, I can just look it up. you're never going to have the old times back, we all grow up and grow old so why not take lots of pictures for memory.

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Los angeles is great.  It has very diverse community and I love shopping, eating out and visiting new places.

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