Santa Anita Arcadia Mall

I want to talk about this awesome mall in LA, it is at the north of LA, in a town call Arcadia, it is next to Santa Anita race track, it used to be one of the biggest race track in the world. it has lots of parking and it's one of the top luxury mall in LA. most ppl know it as Arcadia mall but technically it is called Santa Anita mall. it is one of the Westfield mall that has malls around the world not just in the US.

this is a big park in Arcadia, but it's not free, it is the Arcadia Arboretum, it's famous for having peacocks walking around you, they're not afraid of ppl, and they're beautiful.

new addition of the mall, it's a trend to have malls nowdays to have some indoor and some outdoors. they have some beautiful covers so in the summer time, customer can feel cool. they have trains for the children to ride and nice seating areas too.

the center court of the mall

one end that has AMC and the foot court and outside the foot court some more restaurant like Cheesecake Factory.

outdoor resting area by Macys and parking, it has water fountain, beautiful flowers and rocks and Subway.

the new restaurant Red Robin by Macys, so Subway is not the only place you can get food, this is nice cuz food court is all the way at the other end of the mall.

to parking lot, this is a very nice parking lot and it's free.


hurry up to Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA for major sale event

Hurry up to Glendale Galleria located in Glendale, CA, it's one of the largest and classic mall in LA. you can get there by freeway 134 exit Brand Blvd or freeway 5 exit Colorado St. the most special about this mall is that you can either go in the Nordstrom side or you can go into the other side which is the new Target store they just added and JCPenny. these two entrance has different feeling and since the mall is so big, you can just hang out either entrance and go to the other one next time. and another best thing about this mall that none of other mall in LA has is that when you finish shopping in this mall you can just go across the street to the new Americana. 


Americana and the Grove is the new trend for malls for the last 7-10 yrs. it's kindda like Asian style because in Asia, space is so precious, they build apartments above malls and shopping streets. it's for singles or small familys that loved being in luxury apartments and able to shop and eat downstairs, they don't have to maintain a yard but they have these large fountains and grass downstairs. the fountain has a water dance show and the street is full of cool American feel music and scenery. it would be great if they have more food cart. I never really park there because they charge parking fees, why not just park in Glendale Galleria and walk over. how to get there from the mall? just go to JCPenny by the Target side and find the Gap store, and whoala you can just go out to the mall and walk into Americana.  

the best sale event of the year is happening right now, this year 2012, they finally decided to remodel the old Mervyn's store down by the Nordstrom side. the old Mervyn's has been empty for years, ppl just go to Nordstrom and not willing to go further. so they thought since across the street is Americana, one of the classic outdoor mall in LA, why not bringing Bloomingdale's. Bloomingdale's only open in the luxury mall like Beverly Center and Century city. they're located next to the rich city. since Bloomingdale's coming in 2013. most of the big store on the Nordstrom side is also doing big remodling. there will be other new remodling around the mall, for example, the restroom by food court is way too small and I'm really glad they will be remodling it. it is so exciting but not a good news for other stores right now. there will be dust and noise during construction so the big store like Disney store and Coach has to move somewhere else in the mall. they need to make money every day, one day they're closed, they're losing a lot of money compare to smaller stores. so they want to not stay at the current location during the construction. so where will the small stores move to? they will either closed temporary or forever. right now a lot of small stores are having major sales like 40-50% off per item. this is not buy 1 get 1 50% off. each item is close to half off, this is great. like shopping in discount store. so if you have time, go to Glendale Galleria, look for the half off sign. grab it and get it and go home happy.



after Valentine sale at drug store

I love after holiday sale especially at drug store, yesterday Feb 15, 2012, me and my boyfriend went to Walgreens to have a big after holiday shopping spree. even though it's raining but it's fun. we focused on Walgreens cuz we went there before Valentine so we knew what we already want to get. the one I want is Emily chocolate dip fortune cookie, I love buying fortune cookie from Panda Express. so couple yrs ago my boyfriend got this for me, it's in a red Chinese to go box, so cute! but it's expensive $1 per cookie, the box has 6 giant fortune cookie and it cost $6, I just think it's too expensive to buy before Valentine, so we actually went to 2 Walgreens the day after and at the last store we got 2 boxes (yeah!!!!! horray for me) Laughing

my boyfriend grabbed the chocolates and I focused on the singing stuff animal. I got a green frog that sings "umbrella" dance version and a white dog with red nose/ear, how cute is that. the only thing you need to remember is that sometimes the store don't have time to put the 50% off sale, but most drug store will have after holiday sale, before you spend time grabbing stuff, ask a cashier to make sure. and the thing to remember is that it's only the Valentine theme bag that's on sale, for ex. M&M with Valentine theme bag design is on sale but not the regular one. and ask the cashier which aisle is it, sometimes there're some in the front and some on the side. so we got both chocolate and stuff animals, total $40 so it's a $40 saving. YEAH!!!

we went the day after before noon, and most of the stuff is still there, so if you really want to nail the sales with more selection, get up early go to the store the very next day and you will be happy hard work will pay off. and if you really want to go further, you can actually check all the drug store in your area the week of the holiday or couple days before the holiday to see which store you will to go after the holiday.




saving tips plus coupons online

if you want to save money on shopping and store and restaurants, you can sign up your favorite stores email list. this is if you have lots of time to go over tons of email a day, I usually received 15-30 emails a day from stores I sign up. they will send you online or store coupon, and will update you with new stores opening and new products. if you don't like it or you feel they send you too much email you can modify it, some site lets you receive email once a day/week/month. or you can you unsubscribe.

you need to have lots of time and patience to go over all these emails. but you can get discounts, coupons and heard about promotions earlier than most people. this is how I know which store has buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 get 1 50% off, sometimes they let you try new product for free when it first came out and benefits for new store grand opening. I take it as a fun way reviewing your favorite store/restaurant and look at the pretty pixture everyday. some coupon use for stores only, you can print it out or you can keep in your phone and show them the coupon code when you visit. be sure to check the exp. date, some expire soon some expire up to 3 month later. so you can manage which store/restaurant to visit first and which one to save it for later. of course you want to use the most benefit to you first. like the most discount or buy 1 get 1 free. you can also group it by area, so if you know today you're going to a certain area, you can gather all the coupon in that area when you go visit.


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