me enjoying my lunch at Disneyland

Everytime I went to Disneyland I try to have lunch in different places, over the years, I try many type of foods, but I still am not able to dine in every single restaurants. I hope pretty soon, I could take more pix and taste more food at Disneyland. This is a cafe style, you pick an entree and side salad and drinks and you can also get some dessert like cake or fruit. At Disneyland, there's some healthy choice too, instead of fries you can pick fresh fruit, instead of pasta you can pick salad, there's also juice instead of soda, you can always ask the friendly server for alternative choices. 


if you really want to know more about the restaurants in Disneyland you can check out yelp.

sometimes if you are in a hurry to go to the next ride or you just got off from the ride and don't want to eat too much, you can get something to go, and find a quiet place to sit down to eat. 

I tend to stay away from California Adventure in the summer cuz it has less tree and less shade and it's hotter than Disneyland, here's me having lunch at DCA.

when you get out of Disneyland, you can still get some food at downtown Disney from food carts or restaurants, remember, if you have annual pass, you can still get discount at downtown Disney, just ask your server how much you can save. 

Somtimes I go to Disneyland at night, because it's dark, the pix I took is different from day time. 

here's more yummy lunch at Disneyland.

here's some tips I can give you for dine in at Disneyland, bring some snacks of your own, in case the line is too long and you need to chew on something before you get your food, don't eat too much, cuz it's just not healthy for tummy. for fried food, you can get napkin to wrap the food and it will take out some greasy oil, for snacks, only get 1-2 per day, don't have too much ice cream then cupcake then sweet apples. some restaurant you can ask to put salad dressing on the side so you don't eat too much dressing. always ask for discount if you have annual pass. I always have some empty sandwich bag or just plastic bag to put left over food, you can take the left over home or eat it later in the park when you're hungry, and you should research which restaurant you want to eat before you go, so you don't end up too hungry and don't know where to eat. or you can ask any friendly Disneyland worker where to find restaurants. 

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